Monday, 11 January 2016

Ziggy Stardust - Thank You Very Much, Bye Bye, We Love You

A sad day, hearing the news of the passing of David Bowie, an otherworldly genius whose magic was that he was so relatable, so down to earth, yet so not of the earth.
It makes sense that David Bowie’s most famous alter-ego, Ziggy Stardust, was a futuristic alien on a humanitarian mission to earth.
It was January 29th 1972 when Bowie and his band took to the stage in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire for a warm up gig for the ’72-’73 Ziggy Stardust Tour. The chart for that concert* has transiting Sun exactly conjunct Bowie’s Ascendant at 9 Aquarius, symbolising recognition, praise, and the ego projecting brightly out into the world through innovative, unconventional Aquarius.

Although Bowie had not yet fully embraced the bisexual alien rock superstar with a message of hope for a dying human race - all the elements were in place. The spiky red hair, the futuristic, androgynous costumes and the ambiguious sexuality**

A Starman was born.

Most of the songs on the Ziggy Stardust album were recorded when Bowie had transiting Neptune Conjunct his natal Venus, a transit for beauty, fantasy, creativity and illusion and by the time of the tour, when the songs were made public, Neptune had moved to his MC. These transits reflect the album’s themes of salvation, soul love and the struggle to hold onto the dream.
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However, when Neptune had finished with his MC, it was time for the illusion to end. Bowie’s natal Moon-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo which straddles his Descendent, foreshadows Ziggy’s very public demise and indeed, by the time Bowie killed Ziggy off on stage in July ’73, shocking fans and bandmates alike, transiting Jupiter had crossed his ASC and was making a series of Oppositions to his natal Moon and Saturn, suggesting that keeping up the public persona of Ziggy had become frustrating, hard work and emotionally draining and explaining his need to get out of the rut and expand his horizons.

Transiting Uranus’ Squares to natal Mars and Sun were over by Autumn ‘72, but they certainly suggest that his desire to kill off his alter ego was not the spur of the moment decision it appeared to be. Transiting Jupiter had crossed his ASC in March that year and by July was making a series of Oppositions to Bowie’s natal Moon-Saturn Conjunction, suggesting that keeping up the public persona of Ziggy had become frustrating, hard work and emotionally demanding hard work and Bowie felt the need to get out of the rut and expand his horizons.
"Thank You Very Much, Bye Bye, We Love You"

But the end of Ziggy was just the end of the start for Bowie and after many years, many albums and many personas later, Bowie has earned his status as a true legend. And now the Starman’s time on earth has come to an end, we can look up to the firmament and smile through our tears, for he has gone home.

“News guy wept and told us
earth was really dying
Cried so much his face was wet
then I knew he was not lying”

*7.30pm, 29th January 1972 from original advertising poster on display at Aylesbury Friars

** A married Bowie had declared himself gay in an interview with Melody Maker magazine just days  before the Aylesbury gig

David Bowie 8th January 1947, 9.15am Brixton, London. Source: Astrodatabank. Rodden rating: A


Saturday, 2 January 2016

Songs for a Saturn Transit

Happy 2016. I saw in the New Year with my husband and a bunch of good friends and because they are metal fans, there were Lemmy Christmas cards, vintage Motörhead t-shirts and just before midnight our host shared a bottle of Motörhead Shiraz he'd been saving for a special occasion. We head-banged to Ace of Spades although perhaps not as violently as we might have done 20 years ago.

This made me remember something I wrote in 2010 - Sounds for a Saturn Transit - so I've reposted it below not only because it features the music of Mr Ian (Lemmy) Kilmister and his band, but also because it provides a little music therapy for those of you having, or looking forward to, a Saturn transit this year.

One, two, three, let's go....

Music therapy is a recognised and widely used therapeutic technique, which uses sound, dance and movement to aid physical, emotional and mental health.
In fact, as early as the 17th century it was said that music was critical in the treatment of melancholy, that very Saturnian state of mind that "goes and comes upon every small occasion of sorrow, need, sickness, trouble, fear, grief, passion...which causes anguish, dulness, heaviness and vexation of spirit, any ways opposite to pleasure, mirth, joy, delight"*.
And haven't most of us used music as a form of self-therapy? I mean who of you doesn't have a personal soundtrack to your life, for the best of times and for the worst? Remember being a broken-hearted, put upon, fed up, stressed-out teenager hiding in your room, listening to some angry rocking tracks and mournful dirges to make yourself feel better? Perhaps you were having a Saturn transit at the time?

Most of us still still use music as catharsis, even if we don't admit it, so in that spirit, here are some musical gems especially selected to indulge a Saturn transit.
"You win some, lose some, it's - all - the same to me"
Plug in your best air guitar and shout along, very loudly. Lead singer Lemmy was a Christmas Capricorn with a strong Saturn signature in his chart, so he knew just how you feel!

Also check out Capricorn by Motorhead "When I was young I was already old, My Life, my heart, black night, dark star, Capricorn."

"A song in which to weep, While we rock ourselves to sleep"
Nick Cave's trademark hybrid of lyrical blues, gospel, rock, and arty post-punk, results in a dark, challenging sound, full of emotional intensity, but somehow lifting. A talented song-writer, singer and author, Cave expresses his natal Mercury square Saturn perfectly, helped along by creative quintiles from Saturn to his Sun and Mars in Virgo.

"And I'm here to remind you, Of the mess you left when you went away"
Alanis Morissette's harsh and angry break up song has helped many a wronged woman through the worst. It's even rumoured that she wrote it about one of her own relationships! Like Cave (above), Morissette is also a Mercury-Saturn native, hers an exact conjunction in super-sensitive Cancer. [Warning: explicit lyrics]

"I try to laugh about it, Hiding the tears in my eyes"
This tune from post-punk, goth-pop band The Cure is a tale of a man who desperately wants to get his lost love back, but instead of showing how he really feels and asking for forgiveness, he hides his emotions, because boys don't cry, do they? An expression of singer-songwriter Robert Smith's Mercury-Mars-Saturn T-square perhaps? 

"How does it feel?"
Dylan's classic, written in 1965, was revolutionary and controversial in its day and it's gone on to become one of the most influential tracks of all time. It's easy to see how Dylan's natal stellium of Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in his creative 5th house, are reflected in his music, with its Saturn-Uranus themes of protest and rebellion against tradition.


"Living just to find emotion, Hiding somewhere in the night"

If Dylan's classic symbolises Saturn-Uranus, then rock band Journey's rousing anthem was a great track for the [2010] Saturn-Pluto square. Originally a minor hit at the start of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle in '81/'82 it suddenly became a meteoric hit during [the most recent] Saturn-Pluto square, thanks to covers on the X-Factor and on popular TV show Glee.

Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age
No collection of Saturnine music would be complete without the Saturn movement from Gustav Holst's The Planets. Of all the seven movements, Saturn was said to be Holst's personal favourite. Enjoy the steady, serene, deliberate sound of stoicism.

What are your sounds for a Saturn transit?

NOTE: This is part of a collection of articles about the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto Cardinal T-Square for the International Astrology Blogathon, March 19-21, 2010. The rest of the collection is here:
*The Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton, 1621.
Artist birth data from and Astrodatabank
Music selections by various persons

If you want to look further into how you can use music and sound therapeutically, type "music therapy" into Amazon and you'll find a long selection of books and other resources to choose from.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Conspiracy Theorists & Detectives of the Fantastic

As winter draws in, what better than a ghost story or two to add a thrill and a scare to these long, dark nights?

I am pleased to share details of Detectives of the Fantastic Volume II which features my new story Six Lights.

Who is haunting the staircase of an old pub and why does the ghost take exception to Jeremy's new partner? Perhaps TV psychic Darrell Morvay will have the answer?

A love story with a difference that will both scare your bones and warm your heart.

And what of the other stories in this anthology? Join Editor George Wilhite and the authors of Thirteen O'Clock Press on a hunt for the bizarre and strange. Is what they find supernatural, or is there a logical explanation for the terror they experience? What recorded stories will YOU come across in this anthology of the strange? The accounts appear real enough. They're just stories... right? Or perhaps some of these tales are real after all!

For more information or to buy Detectives of the Fantastic Volume II click here>

I also have an article in Infinity Astrological Magazine #4

David Icke - Reality Is Not What It Seems is an in-depth look at the ideas and horoscope of the UK's most ridiculed and best loved conspiracy theorist.

This issue also features essays by Nick Dagan Best, Frank C. Clifford, Sharon Knight, Wendy Stacey, Theodore White and Rod Chang, amongst others. 

It's free to read, you just need to register here>
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Friday, 25 September 2015

September Update - Astrology and Literature

I am thrilled to have a short story in the Autumn Equinox issue of Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review.

The Spider is a tale of love, commitment and independence.

The Review is also packed with beautiful art, photography, non-fiction and poetry by a variety of authors.

Read it free here: Mused BellaOnline Literary Review

I'm also pleased to share details of Issue 3 of Infinity Astrological Magazine #3

It's free to read, you just need to register here> and the list of talented, accomplished astrologers in the magazine continues to grow with each issue

The articles in this current issue:

- Armand Diaz - Jupiter in Virgo: More of Less
- Smiljana Gavrancic and William Stickevers - USA Presidential Elections 2016
- Rod Chang - Economic Crisis and the Outer Planet Cycles
- Natalie Delahaye - September's Eclipses
- R Hakan Kirglou - Planetary Ingress Charts
- Mandi Lockley - Virgo and Libra Quotes
- Glenn Perry - Calling Down the Heavens
- Smiljana Gavrancic - Karmic Astrology: 3 Lives in 1
- Gary Kidgell - Esoteric Astrology and the Purpose of the Soul
- Marguerite Dar Boggia - Hillary Clinton and the Next President for the Next War 

And here's the Facebook page link

And before you go....there's a Lunar Eclipse on 27/28 September - check out Lynda Hill's fascinating article here> which describes the Sabian Symbols for the Eclipse chart.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015


Infinity Astrological Magazine #2 has just been published and you can download and read it for free here>

Contents below - including a small but beautifully formed piece from myself and the marvellous Rod Chang:

1. Venus, Oh Venus" (Author: Vanessa Guazzelli Paim)
2. Euro, Greece's future in the EU and 8º Scorpio (Author: Smiljana Gavrančić)
3. Where God Divided by Zero: New Thoughts on the Galactic Centre (Authors: Mandi Lockley and Rod Chang)
4. The Meaning of the Mayan Long Count Calendar in Context with Modern Astrology (Author: William Stickevers)...
5. Club 27 rockstars: “Hope I die before I get old…” (Author: Alan Annand)
6. Medical Astrology with Lynn Koiner (Author: Lynn Koiner)
7. Dancing Girls (Jonathan Flanery)
8. Eclipses - How they will change your life? (Author: Toni Thomas)

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Saturn in Scorpio Special Offer

How was Saturn in the intense, inscrutable and controlled sign of Scorpio for you?

Saturn may have moved into Sagittarius in December last year, but it's not through with Scorpio yet. Today (June 16) it travelled back into Scorpio, where it will remain until September 19.

To celebrate (or commiserate) Saturn's last stubborn stand in the sign of the Scorpion, my ebook   Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through The Dark - is discounted on Amazon to $0.99 or £0.99 (or the equivalent in your currency).

Why bother when Saturn's so close to the end of its two and a half years in Scorpio?

Here are a few good reasons:
  1. With 100 packed pages of information (including a bonus and timeless chapter on the Secondary Progressed Moon), it's an absolute bargain!
  2. If you have planets or points at 28 or 29 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you are still in the midst of a significant Saturn transit and this book can help you successfully navigate its cold and deep waters and tap into its healing and transformative potential.
  3. Even if your Saturn in Scorpio transit is over, it could help you to review the themes and events of your transit and put them into some perspective, maybe even help you digest some of those Saturnian lessons. 
  4. You can revise all the major themes of Saturn in Scorpio which are explored in-depth including issues of safety, fear and control; sex and intimacy; the power of love; rejection, anger, vengeance and forgiveness; the power of the unconscious and money, debt and taxes etc. and find out what I got right and what I missed!!!
What readers said:

"Just to tell you how much I am enjoying your e-book ‘Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through The Dark’. Congratulations for the excellent, informative, enlightening, deep book. It is worth every cent." ME via Facebook
"I’ve purchased this e-book and can recommend it very highly. She’s an accessible writer. I’ve gone though it forwards and back, and re-read many passages over again, and each time I gather a bit more. It’s great to find a writer you can feel like quoting." EJR, online
"I finished reading it, loved it, and will be re-reading it to my other half who has his Saturn return looming." LVL via Facebook
"I find it to be a wonderful guide...the descriptions of the Scorpio and Saturn themes are covered in an orderly fashion and Mandi Lockley offers not just some examples on how they may or may not manifest, but she also offers ways in which to work with these themes in a positive, more conscious manner. This e-book is just in time!" NR via email

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Adventures with Secondary Progressed Moon in Sagittarius

I celebrated my Secondary Progressed Moon moving into Sagittarius (and conjoining my Natal South Node on the 7th House cusp) with an adventure holiday in Borneo. What a wild ride!

I’m a cautious Capricorn but found myself challenged by all sorts of daring activities I never thought I would have the guts to do.

The air is full of mayfly, flying upstream to lay their eggs
Trekking uphill on narrow slippery paths through wild jungles full of angry fire ants, hungry leeches and (bonus) truly wild orangutan; wading up to my chest through rivers fully clothed; cooling off in waterfalls hidden deep in the forest; overcoming my fear of fast water by riding down rapids with nothing but a lifejacket beneath me; wading into the south china sea with nothing but the full moon to light the way, to be charmed by the dinoflagellate 'sea sparkle'; with jelly legs, shuffling over narrow bridges open to the water beneath, trying to remember that Capricorns are supposed to be sure-footed as I went.
Spot the orangutan
In just two short weeks, I learned a lot about myself – I should push myself much more than I do - and a lot about different cultures, having stayed with three different tribes along the way, amazing people. Every other word I uttered was awesome, brilliant, wow.

SP Moon in Sag is all about adventure of course, a release from the constrained emotional experience of SP Moon in Scorpio. It’s about expansion and growth, having fun, learning new things, experiencing freedom and independence and widening horizons through far flung travel and/or intellectual pursuits.

The last time my SP Moon was in Sag I was at University, another period of my life that was full of wonder and no less than life changing. It moved into Capricorn perfectly timed to the end of the last term and the start of my first job. A sobering time that was indeed!

A longhouse, our home for five days. The only way to get there is via a 90 minute ride on a traditional longboat
For my next adventures – a music festival in a medieval castle in Poland this July and early next year (by which time I will be 50 - eek!) my first ever skiing trip. Bring it on!

The Secondary Progressed Moon takes around 27-28 years to travel around the natal chart, spending two and a half years in each sign. The sign it’s in symbolises the underlying emotional current for that period and the House(s) it travels through show the area of life that will be emphasised.

For a full explanation of the Secondary Progressed Moon Cycle see my article here>

With love,
Mandi x